Jewel Gomeda adds another dimension to mosaic art

Here at the World of Mosaics blog we love to see the visions and dreams of our customers come to life. I’m very happy to share the latest fruits of Dennis Bunn‘s creative labours. It’s called Cubist Cat and just goes to show that we’re not just about bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles! :-)

We think the gold flecks in the Jewel Gomeda mosaic tile perfectly complement the warm tones in the natural mahogany. I think Dennis has captured the spirit of the cat in his wonderful mosaic art design… it looks so proud, elegant and reminds me of a Siamese cat… Wonderful!

Here’s what Dennis had to say:

Unlike most of your customers I wanted my tiles for my hobby. This time I am trying to blend wood and mosaics. I have cut out a cubist cat from a pale type mahogany wood. It is a striking 22 inches tall and I decided it needed black and gold tiles and when I found the jewel gomeda there it was in one tile. Thank you for your super service and quick delivery.

Products used:

Jewel Gomeda Mosaic Tile – part of the Gold Fleck mosaic tile collection

Thanks, Dennis, for sending this in. If Dennis has inspired you to create your own mosaic art, World of Mosaics are happy to fulfil short orders and even just single tiles! We’re sure you’ll find something suitable at a great price too! And remember, please send us photos and stories of your ideas coming to life – we’d love to publish them here on our blog.

19. August 2013 by Debbie
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